Two Simple Ideas to Keep Your Granite Countertop Clean

Two ways to keep a granite countertop clean

It’s an amazing feeling when your granite countertop is officially installed. No more research, no more costs, and no more unappealing countertop. You finally have that look to your kitchen or bathroom that you have been looking for! But the responsibility does not stop there…you still have to maintain your granite countertop. Cleaning is a major component to maintenance. Here are two simple ideas to keep your granite countertop clean.

The Traditional Way

Nothing is done the traditional way anymore, and that’s a shame. For granite, however, the traditional way stands true. In other words, there’s nothing the combination of soap and water cannot solve. That’s all it takes to clean granite. Wet a sponge, mix in some soap, and wax on wax off. two ways to clean a granite countertopThese days, acidic cleaners, such as vinegar and lemon, are the selections for homeowners. While such cleaners can be effective on some materials, granite is not one of them. Chemical cleaners threaten to dull the surface of granite. They can also weaken the countertop’s sealant (we’ll get to that in a second). You want your granite countertop to stand out and maintain its stellar condition for as long as possible. Thus, don’t risk the quality and condition by using acidic cleaners. When in doubt, you can always research specific cleaners or review the information on the back of them to determine if they are granite-friendly. Regardless, the recommended way is the traditional way. Soap and water—you can’t go wrong.

The Worry-Free Way

Remember in the second sentence when “no more costs” was mentioned? Well, that’s not entirely true. One additional cost that you will want to commit to is to have your granite countertop professionally sealed. Reason being, granite is a porous stone. This means liquids are able to penetrate the surface. If a liquid sits atop the countertop for a lengthy time, it will sink beneath the surface. As a result, the granite could permanently stain. A sealant prevents this from happening. You can opt not to go the sealant route, but that will require greater discipline in cleaning your granite countertop. To protect it, you would have to run soap and water over it after every meal. With a sealant, it’s okay if you miss a few cleaning sessions. A sealed countertop makes maintaining granite worry-free and it will keep your granite countertop clean for longer. It is important to note that sealing will weaken over time. That is why it is recommended to have your granite resealed every one or two years. One surefire way to determine whether or not a resealing is needed is to place a few drops of water onto the granite. If the water beads up then your sealant is still in good shape. If it flows away, it’s time to have the countertop resealed.

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