Is Travertine Tile Durable?

Travertine is an ancient stone that can make for exquisite countertops, among other things. This unique stone can be found in a color spectrum of grays, beiges, and various hues of white. It adds a comforting feel to a home and is one of the more popular stones selected for home design. The appearance of travertine is unquestionably attractive, though, a quality that might even triumph its appearance is its durability. is travertine durableOf the popular natural stones, travertine ranks behind only granite and quartzite. In fact, on the Mohs Scale of Relative Mineral Hardness, travertine ranks between 4 and 5. Specifically, travertine’s hardness is comparable to fluorite or apatite. If you want to find an equal countertop counterpart to travertine, you could probably look to marble. The point is travertine is a very hard stone, thus, it is durable. Daily impacts such as a dropped plate or glass will not cause damage to travertine. Even the uncommon heavy impact should not cause damage to it. Chipping, scratching, and cracking are rarities with this type of material. It is robust enough to where if any damage were to occur, it would actually blend in or possibly even improve the look of the natural stone. This does not surface any recommendation to intentionally damage travertine. Countertop materials, especially, are finite to the point where damage would be more so noticeable compared to flooring. In addition, travertine is water and moisture resistant. Spills will not harm travertine, regardless of whether the spill is cleaned up right away or left to sit. Likewise, vapor resulting from stove use will not damage travertine either. Thus far, travertine has the physicality to avoid heavy impacts, as well as the innate ability to resist liquid. What a fitting material for your new kitchen countertop. What else makes travertine such a durable stone? The stone is also slip-resistant. This may not apply directly to a kitchen countertop; however, it could sway a consumer to have travertine tiles installed into their kitchen or even their backyard patio. All in all, if travertine can withstand some of the bares brought on by outside weather, you best believe it can survive in your kitchen or bathroom. We’re talking about a material that should last the lifetime of your home, whether you live there for 10 years or 30. If you are sold on travertine countertops, reach out to Galaxy Granite & Stone. Travertine is one of the six countertop surfaces we sell and install. We will set you up with a free consultation if you would like. The offer stands with any of our countertop offerings. We’re your trusted countertop source! Contact Galaxy Granite & Stone today!