Want to increase your home’s value? Look to the kitchen

Four Suggestions to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you foresee selling your Dallas, TX home in the coming years then you may want to start considering some upgrades. The best and most profitable upgrades come via the kitchen. A few upgrades to the kitchen and suddenly you increase your home’s value by a significant amount. Here are four upgrade suggestions:

Decide on a natural stone countertop

increase your home's valueNatural stone is the is the luxury look of today’s kitchen countertops. While each type of natural stone has its pros and cons, all types carry the same quality of beauty. All also carry the extremely important quality of durability. Thus, a natural stone countertop would be perfect for potential home buyers. A buyer will have his or herself a kitchen with a lasting look.

As for which natural stone countertop to purchase and install…granite and quartz are the most popular. They have the best ratings across the board. Other stones, such as marble, travertine and limestone, carry elegant looks; however, they have more vulnerabilities than granite and quartz. Marble does stand out as the most appealing natural stone so it will likely get you the greatest return on investment. Though, granite and quartz aren’t too far behind and you won’t have to pay as much for them.

Have you considered a backsplash?

If you want to go the extra mile then you should consider installing a countertop backsplash. Backsplash ideas are countless and each and every one of them adds character to a kitchen. With that said, it is important to keep in mind that you intend to sell your home. Therefore, you do not want to get too creative if in fact you do install a backsplash.

Something consistent that simply matches the rest of the kitchen will do the trick. Again, trying to increase your home’s value is all about appeal. A quality countertop/backsplash match will open the eyes of potential buyers. A kitchen not in need of significant remodel or redesign will attract buyers and enable you to increase your asking price.

Go stainless-steel for appliances

A new countertop and backsplash do require a lot of time and effort. These next two kitchen upgrades, however, are a bit more basic.

The stainless-steel look throughout a kitchen is timeless. A steel refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and sink automatically advance the look of a kitchen. Though, one without the others probably won’t look as nice. It may be wise to go stainless steel for every appliance, specifically the refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. Unity sells. A united stainless-steel kitchen will certainly increase your home’s value.

Refresh the paint job

Lastly, give your kitchen walls a new or refreshed paint job! Fresh paint can really brighten a kitchen’s appeal. And this would be an opportune time to change paint color if you so choose. Just be sure you decide on a color that matches the rest of the kitchen. Keep in mind, bright colors tend to open up a room and make the room feel more welcoming.

Even if you act on only one of these four suggestions, you will still reap the benefit of added value to your home. If you act on all four then you can expect a notable percentage increase in your Dallas, TX home’s value.

Granite Galaxy & Stone can help you with two of them. We specialize in natural stone countertops and we also help with backsplashes. Contact us today at (972) 525-4989 and we will set you up with a free estimate. Feel free to visit our website—galaxygranitetx.com—and please visit our blog for additional helpful home remodeling input. We want to help increase your home’s value!