How to take care of granite

Granite is a wonderful countertop choice. It is extremely durable, diverse in style, and creative in look. These qualities, along with a high demand for the natural stone, also make it one of the pricier countertop options. Thus, you will want to best protect your investment by taking care of it. Granite will last a long time even without routine maintenance; however, if you want granite to keep its pristine look, it needs to be handled with care. Here are four very simple steps to take to guarantee your granite countertop stays in prime condition:

Clean up spills right away

One of the few drawbacks to granite is that it is non-porous, meaning it can be infiltrated by liquids. Liquids left standing for extended periods of time can cause the material to stain. It can also produce unwanted dark spots. kitchen countertops with graniteTherefore, the simplest precaution is to clean up spills right after they occur. You should probably do so regardless of the countertop material, but it is especially important when it comes to granite countertops. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting a spill. All it takes is one to ruin your perfect granite.

Seal the countertop

Continuing with the porous talk, a productive decision would be to have your granite countertop sealed. A sealed countertop essentially protects it from water or liquid damage. There is an easy exercise to help determine whether or not your countertop needs to be sealed or re-sealed: Place a few water droplets onto a heavily-used area of the counter. Keep an eye on the water to see if it beads up or if it flows away. That’s the end of the exercise. If the water beads up, then your granite top is in good shape and does not need re-sealing. In contrast, you will want to have it re-sealed if the water spreads. Sealants last as long as 10 years in today’s countertop technology. You’ll here the recommendation to have it re-sealed once a year, though, a good sealant should extend the routine re-sealing.

Clean once a week

Another breezy tip is to clean the granite once a week with soap and water. You can use a handy sponge, or you can use a microfiber cloth to effectively clean it. Once a week is a good habit to get into, although, you may want to clean it the night after cooking a big meal to prevent stains. Make sure you dry the granite after washing it to avoid the porous side effect.

Avoid acidic and abrasive products

Avoid acidic cleaning products. Acidic substances can cause stains. You’ll also want to avoid abrasive cleaning supplies such as brushes. Granite is almost impossible to scratch; however, repeated friction from abrasive objects could cause scratches over time. There you have it! As long as you carry out the above actions, your granite will be taken care of. Now that you know how to care for granite, go ahead and purchase it (if you haven’t already). Galaxy Granite and Stone is a great source for granite and granite installation. We offer a free estimate and a wide granite selection.

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